KEA Login

All students and employees on KEA have a KEA Login. Your KEA login is your virtual admittance card, which grants you access to KEA's services both physically and digitally. You can administrate your KEA identity at

Student's KEA Login consist of a username of 8 characters followed by

The password consists of ”K??????#”, where ”??????” is six randomised figures (0-9) and small letters (a-z).



Password: Kp87g4f#


Fronter is your learning platform where you'll find information from teachers, hand in assignments and more. 

Log on at

Students must use the UNI-Login-link to log on to fronter.

Microsoft Teams

Quickguide for downloading Microsoft Teams.

Go to and login
Click the Teams app in the Appstarter in the top left corner
Click Download desktop app in the lower left corner in the side-menu of the Teams view
Please Note:

Always use your KEA login
Instructional videos on the use of Teams: